Q:  During check out my cart says that a item can’t ship to me overseas, why so?

Milk Cr(e)ate bundles cannot be shipped overseas by air due  to the prohibition of aerosol cans containing hazardous gas. However, they can still be shipped within the USA by groundmail. Milk Cr(e)ates without clear coat spray, on the other hand, can be shipped worldwide without any restrictions.

Q: What's the measurement of the crate?

Open: 13"x13"x11”  (same as typical milk crates)   Folded: 13"x13"x3”

Q: Can 12in vinyls fit inside?

No, the inside is too small.

Q: Are the milk crates weaker than typical milk crates since they fold?

They are just as durable and can hold a lot of weight as normal chairs, but it's not recommended to heavily sit or stand on them as the folding mechanism may snap.

Q: How do I use the oil-based markers on the milk crate?

Feel free to showcase your creativity and draw anything on the crate using oil-based paint markers. They are highly durable and can be used on any surface. To protect the color for a longer period, I recommend applying 2-3 coats of clear acrylic coating on the crate. Please note that if the crate is constantly or heavily scraped or bumped, the color may come off. This is a common occurrence for all milk crates when the plastic surface becomes dull due to heavy usage.

Q: Is the milk crate logo on all sides?

Nope, just the front and back.