Milk Cr(e)ate Bundle


Includes one milk crate,  oil-based markers,  and a clear-coat
glossy acrylic sealer spray.

Milk Cr(e)ate bundles
cannot be shipped overseas  by air due
to the prohibition of aerosol cans containing hazardous gas.
However, they can still be shipped within the USA by ground
Milk Cr(e)ates without oil-based markers and clear coat
spray, on the other hand, can be shipped worldwide without       
any restrictions

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13"x13"x11" when opened and 13"x13"x3" when folded. 

Please note that these milk crates are not suitable for
storing 12-inch vinyl records.  

Return & Exchange Policy:

If you receive any damaged items, you can exchange them
within one week of their arrival.




Milk Cr(e)ates are versatile storage containers that are commonly used for organizing everyday items. These crates are designed to be foldable, making them easy to store and transport without taking up too much space. Many creatives choose them for studios or workspaces, adding character and functionality.

Milk Cr(e)ates come in a fresh white color, which makes them resemble a blank canvas or sketchbook, allowing you to customize them to your liking. The white palette provides a fresh and open space for your mind to create any design you choose.